Friday, June 28, 2013

URGENT! HELP! iPhone Beta Won't Boot

I've been loosely following Apple's iOS 7 Beta Livability forum.  For those of you who have no clue what I mean, iOS is Apple's operating system to run iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.  7 is the new version we developers are testing, that will be released this fall, and it is a major, complete rework.

So, in the great tradition of "Do you haz teh codez?" (minus the LOLcatz), I have now, as of today, seen 2 posts entitled something like URGENT HELP My phone won't boot.

In the first one, someone replied that Urgent and Beta in the same post were hilarious, and I agreed.  I admit fully, I put Beta on my phone that I rely on, but I fully expected to have some issues, and if they got too hairy, I would revert back to iOS 6.  (They haven't, and I haven't - the update is way too sweet, I won't go back without kicking and screaming!)

Some other posts are funny, but you have to understand this forum.  It is an Apple discussion forum, solely for the purposes of developers to discuss using iOS 7, and developing their apps and resolving issues with them.  However, it never fails, there are posts every day either ranting that there is something broken in iOS (hello, Beta - can you say Beta 1 and 2, not even Beta Gold pre-release?).  Or the posts cry about style, how the redesign is inconsistent, or not good.  Then there are what I imagine to be pimply teenagers with rage issues, who flame features or new concepts.

First of all, Apple doesn't even peruse this forum - it responds to Bug Reports filed in its bug reporting system, not a free-form discussion of God knows what.  Second, what do these people expect us to do about it?  Pull strings with our personal connection to Jony Ive?  Wait, I've got him on iMessage - darn iOS Beta, it crashes sending messages to him!!

Hilarious, but a bunch of noise for those of us trying to resolve serious issues.

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