Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whatever happened to the Turbo button?

Does anyone remember the Turbo button they used to have on PC's?  Did they ever really do anything?  I used to sit there in front of the machine and press it so the light goes on, then press it again so the light goes off, but never noticed any difference in speed.

Of course, today's computers are leaps and bounds faster than the old ones.  (Well, aren't they?  So "they" tell us, but why is it the machines seem so slow after only a few months?)  They don't really need a Turbo button.

But wait!!  Like I said, I never really noticed that the Turbo button ever did anything anyway - except that it made me feel like I was doing something during that frustrating period when I'm waiting for that darned machine to finish what should have taken half the time.  You know, kind of like if you keep pushing the call button for the elevator even though it is 5 floors above you, makes you feel like it is descending faster after you push it.

Is it only me, or do you all wish there was a Turbo button on the PC?  Yes, even though it doesn't really do anything, at least you get the satisfaction of feeling like you did something - the turbo light is on, I am in high gear, and going as fast as the machine can - if I want I can turn it off and then it has an excuse for why it is so slow.

So, PC manufacturers out there, let's put the Turbo back into the PC!  (Or at least the button.)