Thursday, May 13, 2010

Defragmenting a Mac Hard Drive

OK, I just found out something disturbing, sick, and wrong!  As a PC expert, I have gotten used to defragmenting the hard drives of all my PCs nightly to keep peak performance.  Ever notice how your PC gets slower over time, until after a couple of years it is crawling along?  So, as a computer expert, I know that file systems, as they write, delete, and rewrite files, end up putting pieces of files all over the hard drive, possibly degrading performance.

However, the sick and wrong thing?  Apple has apparently, since OS X 10.2, been solving this problem by, can you believe it, making the operating system do the work for you!  What?  Yes, using technology, it keeps the files together, or utilizes the drive and caching technology so that you notice no performance difference.  So, the IBM laptop I have had for 2 weeks - 27% fragmented, dog slow, had to defrag.  The MacBook I have had for 7 months?  As fast as ever, and I wondered suddenly how to defrag it when the Disk Utility had no such option.

How is this sick and wrong?  That Microsoft, with all its resources, people, and technology, couldn't do it!  Apparently they don't even care enough, they are too busy making their operating system stable enough so they don't lose customers in droves to UNIX, Linux, and Mac.  Look at the massive global advertising for Windows 7 to overcome the Vista debacle.  Massive advertising for Windows XP to overcome the Windows ME debacle.  Windows 95 - Windows 3.x (remember Windows for Workgroups?).  See a pattern?

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