Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What good is your mobile device if you don't use it?

For many years, Apple has claimed (quoting third party research such as this recent one) that, while they have a much smaller market share in devices in peoples' hands, the vast majority of usage comes from their devices.  As Clammr now reports, that usage gap extends to podcasts as well.  I find it interesting (and telling) that the other mobile operating systems don't even appear on the report - Windows, Ubuntu, Simbian, Blackberry.

So, if it is true that internet browsing, on-device purchases, and now podcast consumption are completely dominated by the smaller market (relative to Android) of Apple i-device owners, that begs the question, what are all those non-Apple device owners doing with their devices?  From my extensive user survey (conducted completely in my head of over 2,000 imaginary people), I have gathered the top 10 uses for non-Apple devices:

10.  To finally fill that last HDMI port on your TV (non-Apple TV).
 9.  Taking photos.
 8.  Accessing the Google Play or Windows App stores.  Just for browsing.
 7.  As a burner phone for a spy or criminal.
 6.  A flashlight, to light your way when times are dark.
 5.  A toothpick.  What?  You can't do that?  Innovation, time to invent!
 4.  To replace the GPS navigator that doesn't update its maps.
 3.  It looks so sporty (and non-Apple) on my hip / cheek / purse / car holder.
 2.  There's something else you can do with it?  How much does it cost?  $1?  Forget it.

And number 1?  Phone calls and text messages.

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