Tuesday, October 7, 2014

HD is the new i

As I've said before, there are trends in trying to monopolize on a letter (or in this case, letters).  HD, or High Definition or High Def, is used typically to describe the new video format used in Televisions and video screens, and is used for resolutions beyond the original NTSC and PAL formats.  I think what happens is Human nature - some new fad comes into style, and everyone wants to be in on it.  Every company wants their product to be known as exhibiting that.  Everyone who touts themselves as an expert, wants to use the new slang so as to be known as, you got it, an Expert.

There was the e-craze.  Everything had to start with a lower case e.  The i-craze we are in full swing - iHome, iCar, iThis, iThat.

Now that's all cool at catchy, you dig?  But let me hit you with this, dog.  HD.  It makes sense for video - and tells you that you have a higher quality of video.  It makes sense for audio, since it is clearer and more distinct tonal ranges than old audio transmission technology.  Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have Retina HD screens - OK, because they are higher quality pictures than the old Retina, and they already called them Retina.  It's a stretch, but it fits.  But let's draw the line at products that have nothing to do with HD and everything to do with fashion wanna-bes!

This morning, my wife said someone had posted on Facebook that she got new eyeglasses, and she was glad they were HD because she could see so much better.  HD glasses, is it Google Glass, I ask (dreading the answer)?  No.  Just glasses.  (Knew I shouldn't have asked.)  But some wonky eye doctor or lens maker or I don't know what, wants to capitalize on the everything HD trend.  Come on, what's next?  HD toaster oven (it toasts the bread in higher definition, dude!)?  Hon, let's go to Starbucks and get the Pumpkin Spice mocha latte HD.  And why was my alarm clock not HD, darn it all!?

Well, I'm signing off my HD keyboard, and giving it a HD click of the mouse to post this article in full HD.  Glorious!

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