Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ringing Endorsements of Technology

In this day and age of integration of media, it is not at all out of the ordinary to see everyday products used in shows and movies.  However, I have noticed a pattern - again foremost in my mind, the worlds of Microsoft versus Apple.

Microsoft seems to have to pay for its endorsements, while in the plethora of shows featuring Apple products, they usually go out of their way to hide the Apple logo, or like the Dan Schneider shows, develop an obvious parody of Apple products.  To me, it is kind of like the difference between Wal Mart and Costco.

Wal Mart, you see advertisements, and incentives - indeed, Sam's spends a lot of money on marketing.  Costco doesn't advertise - simply provide great service, great products at great prices - and word of mouth spreads.

So, Microsoft has been the king of marketing since the dawn of the computer age.  Or has it?  I always thought of it as such, but really the flair of Apple seems like it has outshone it in the devotedness of its fan/customer base.  It is quite rare for me to find a fan/advocate/customer of Microsoft, especially one who "moved over" from Apple products (in fact I've never found one of those).  I may find ex-Mac people who use Windows because they have to.  I have found a very few fans of Windows (those who just love it, who espouse its features with effusive enthusiasm).  However, every Mac user I talk to (and there have been quite a few) are avid Mac fans, and wouldn't dream of switching to Windows.  One, in fact (my podiatrist) uses Macs at his office to run Windows to run the office management software - but OS X to run everything else (so switch back & forth between Windows & Mac using Parallels).  That's a good marriage of necessity vs. utility.

So, there must be those people out there, because, you know, there are 7 billion people on this planet.  Come on out of the woodwork - speak up!  Leave comments on how you love Windows, especially if you came from the Mac or Linux worlds.  I bet there HAS to be SOMEONE who switched from OS X to Windows and loves it.  Right?

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