Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Macing Around

First, I'd like to coin a term - Macing.  "Mac" as in Macintosh (and not the round fruit), so not "Macing" like "I am hitting you with my mace" but more like "Macking" - but the "k" is so harsh.

Second, my work computer lives in a house full of Macs, and they accept it just fine and dandy (although I wish it were one).  They branded it so it feels like one of the family, even though it doesn't bear any of the genetic resemblance.  No rounded edges here, Mr. Lenovo!

So I am sending out a document on my work computer, and it hits me - I wonder what people think when they see the Apple logo on a Thinkpad.  That must give people pause.

And as it does every moment of every day I use Windows, the thought comes to me: why do people pay money for this junk?  Lots of money to - apparently all that money they saved buying the hardware.  Clunky touchpad - my thumbs get tired pushing the buttons.  I much appreciate the touchpad on the Macbook Pro - the beautiful, tactile feel of pushing the entire pad as a button, with the audible click.  I can use my finger both for pointing and clicking and dragging (and 3 fingers for lookup definition, 2 fingers for scrolling, 4 for window management...).

I am constantly worried about backups - the backups I am doing for work (which I would think are every bit as important as the ones I do for home) are iffy at best, not restorable or not all-inclusive at worst.

What do the TSA agents think, when they scan 2 laptops for me through security?  Guess I'm a geek.

I get it, I do - I can understand how people can hate Apple as a company, or even the Apple products. I am still struggling to see how people can try other systems, and then like Windows, though.  That's a poser.  (And by "try" I mean immerse themselves in it to the degree they do in Windows.)

So, if anyone wants to take a stab at it, try to explain it to me?  I had Twitter explained to me a couple weeks ago, finally I get it (not what it is - but why and when to use it).  So I'm not totally brain-dead - just mostly.

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