Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Loving Windows 8

Well, it finally has happened.  I met someone who absolutely loves Windows 8.  An IT guy no less, a programmer is definitely someone who would know.

It never fails with any product, you will always find someone who likes or even loves it.  And I figured with Windows it would be the same.  This comes on the heels of me reading this article yesterday on ZDNet, Microsoft is struggling to get Windows 8 adoption up to 5% of the market, while in the same time period, Apple has seen 35% adoption by OS X Mountain Lion, and just announced Monday OS X Mavericks.  Further, network web usage analytics show that:

  • Among all desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet computing devices, about 46% are Windows OS
  • Among mobile and tablet devices only, Windows OS is a mere 1.2%, while Windows 8 is too small to be counted (a small fraction of a percent)
My own personal experience with my circle of friends and colleagues, this guy is the first one I have met that hands down loves Windows 8.  Of course, he has not used OS X, and the enhancements that he has been talking about have been both standard in OS X for longer, and better implemented (i.e. more user-friendly and more widely applicable like full computer content searching).  Even the file tagging system as demonstrated Monday for OS X Mavericks is a thorough treatment of the subject within the operating system, rather than a partial implementation only in specific software suites (ala Microsoft Office).  In Mavericks (OS X 10.9), file tags are fully exposed to the operating system for browsing, graphical manipulating, and searching, and are not specific to certain applications.

So, Jesse, I am looking forward to some interesting conversations as I learn more about what makes Windows 8 so great.  It is absolutely possible that I have missed the true "grok" of Windows 8, since I have avoided it as the "odd" Windows Release.  Stranger in a Strange Land by (Google Affiliate Ad)

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