Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Road Warrior Tech

How To Be A Savvy Road Warrior

Do you travel a lot?  If so, there are a couple of things you should be aware of.  This article actually has two divergent topics related to travel, because I feel they are very important.  However, the common thread is that both of these tips will keep you happier and make your travel easier, one way or another.

Organizing Your Travel

Cocoon Innovations CPG20BK Grid-It Organizer (Google Affiliate Ad)  was a holiday gift from my wife.  I love it.  I throw all my loose stuff from the computer bag into it, then toss it in the bottom compartment.  I can easily get to the gadget with one swift grab of the rectangular thneed, and instantly access what I want.  Makes a great gift - to yourself or someone else, like the guy who has everything except the thing to organize all his stuff.

The Nirvana by Zen Class is yet another one, for that road warrior who is always on a plane or in a car.  Throw this on the seat in front of you, and you have everything at your fingertips.  Fold it, zip it up, and use its shoulder strap to carry, or slide it into a carry-on, and in seconds you are ready to go.  This gift was well received by the parents!

Keeping Safe

A friend of mine was traveling in Paris on business recently.  While doing some sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower, a woman asked him to take pictures of him with her cell phone.  He felt that something was wrong while he was doing this, and happened to feel for his wallet.  It was gone, and by sheer luck he got it back.  It had been swiped - from his front pocket.  So, a savvy traveler must be aware that front pockets are just as easy to pick as back ones.  Perhaps some kind of safer wallet, pick prevention device, or security belt that goes beneath your clothes is better.  Note a few searches I conducted on the subject:
  • wikiHow: recommends putting it in your front pocket, this has been debunked!  And seriously, how can you avoid walking through crowds when in line for a tourist attraction?
  • eHow:  a little better, but I think we need to know about some devices that will help.
  • Here are some common scams.
  • wikiTravel: finally a thorough handling of the subject!

While traveling out of the country last year, I lost my passport.  They had given me a card with the passport that contained the passport number.  This made it very easy to re-issue (although I had to pay for it!).  So keep your passport number handy, better yet a photo copy or cell phone picture of your identity page.

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