Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do You Watch "TV?"

We have been using TV revocation as a means of punishment for bad behavior in our kids for quite a while. But in our house, 3 kids have iPhones, one has a laptop and 2 desktops. On these we have Netflix and Hulu. Plus there's YouTube, net stuff, and more.

So now, our punishment definition of TV includes any video format you can watch? Including iTunes and Apple TV. What an age! So many forms of entertainment, and yet my teenager can still say, "Dad, I'm bored!"

How have we dealt with the explosion of channels, content, media, and delivery devices societally? There are (if you count HD and non-HD as the same) some 500 channels on cable, and countless more online. What are the most prevalent genres of shows? Reality TV! It pervades even the Discovery series of channels, A&E, you name it. Remember these lyrics: "57 channels and nothin' on"?

So what exactly is television nowadays? With the vast variety available, do you control access and time spent, either for yourself or your children?

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