Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What do you like about Microsoft?

I know, it's really easy to find a bunch of things you don't like about a thing - a product, a company, etc.  A company as big as Microsoft and who has been around as long has surely developed a reputation on both the plus and minus sides.  But, instead of ranting, let's talk about what we do like about it.  Feel free to chime in!
  1. Employed many people and contributed to the global and national economies.
  2. Very good at developing and enhancing user interfaces, especially graphics and icons.
  3. Spin-offs have benefited humanity, including spin-off businesses and charities (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Paul Allen, etc.)
  4. Very good at taking a product, identifying it as a marketing success, and investing in it (usually by buying it out)
Am I short on the "like" list?

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