Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Texting while...

Texting while driving is, of course, the evil of the day.  Admit it, how many of you do it?  I am too afraid to try it!  However, I have a few questions.

Do we really need a law specifically dealing with texting while driving?  Existing laws govern save driving, so why do we need specific laws on this activity?  It seems to me there are many more activities that are just as (or perhaps more) dangerous: putting on makeup, eating (e.g. a sandwich), fiddling with your radio, heck how about your GPS?  I once was eating my sub while putting on makeup and talking on my cell phone in a stick shift car - but not in waking life!

So, now that I got that out of the way, what about other areas of life besides driving where texting permeates?  If we need to ban while driving, we also need to ban during these times!!  Are you with me on this, or what?
  • Toileting.  That's right, you go into the corporate bathroom, and there's Johnny standing in front of the urinal, both hands occupied.
  • In a meeting.  Hmm?  It's my turn to speak?
  • Babysitting.  Now where did Elliott get off to?  What's that crash?!
  • Mowing the lawn.  Snowblowing too - heck any yard maintenance (darn, where did that seed go while I was planting and texting??)
  • How about just plain interacting with other human beings?  Isn't it rude to answer the phone while in a conversation with someone else?  Why not texting?
Well, let's look for legislation soon regarding these important matters - and heck, if you don't see it, let's author some bills and get them in front of our lawmakers!  God knows they need to legislate more of our ativities.

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